About Us

What we do...


To establish the Kingdom of God through seeing people set free, healed, empowered and released through connecting with God.

We believe we are called to

  • A kingdom work
  • Bring freedom
  • Release people, plans & visions
  • Stand against the work of the enemy


  • Glorify God in all we say and do
  • God led – He is sovereign – He is omniscient & omnipresent
  • Voice of God
  • Freedom for the Holy Spirit to move
  • Freedom inherent in all we undertake
  • Privacy & confidentiality
  • Creating a safe place for exploration & transformation
  • Truth at the centre of everything
  • Honour & Respect
  • Healthy relationships
  • Fun
  • Clear Communication
  • Authenticity
  • Rest
  • Living & ministering out of a full cup
  • Holistic approach to life and people